Brokers Program

Are you a Graphic Designer?
Do you own a Print Shop?

You will generate revenue with Envy’s low prices by reselling our top quality products to your clients.
Our guarantee states no soliciting to your clients.

Top reasons to use Envy Design & Print :

  • Lowest prices
  • Full color sheetfed offset printing
  • Premium paper stock
  • Friendly customer service

In order to qualify for our wholesale rates, you must meet the following qualifications:

  1. You must be in the printing or graphic design field.
  2. You are required to furnish proper documentation of your business license and/or permits.
  3. Order at least once a month.

Fax your resale license to 1-866-462-0906. If you require further assistance, email us at

We thank you for inquiring about our wholesale program.